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We offer dance education through a fun and creative curriculum.

Class Descriptions

MUMMY & ME MUSIC & DANCE 45 MINS. Ages 16-24 months
This is a beautiful and stimulating dance class using delightful stories, songs and props from all over the world. Mummy & Me is a wonderful preparatory dance class for your child and a special experience for the parent or child carer to be involved in.
2-5 BALLET/TAP COMBINATION CLASSES 45 MINS. (Ages and levels progress)
We incorporate favorite pre-school nursery rhymes and fairy tales into a creative dance curriculum influenced by the British system I.S.T.D.  Exquisite children’s literature and fantastical music will allow your little one’s world to be a never ending wonderland. We offer a delightful approach to your child’s first experience with ballet and tap. As your child grows, the level of material progresses with each age group.
6 - 16 CLASSICAL BALLET CLASS 45—90 MINS. (Pointe Class offered for dedicated students)
We introduce the fundamentals of classical ballet through the esteemed British syllabus created by I.S.T.D. A combination of traditional European ballet curriculum, with a progressive and professional approach to classical ballet. Each age level progresses with difficulty as the student grows. We recommend 2-3 classes per week.

An exciting and age appropriate cool class set to the latest pop and R & B tracks.  Fun stretching and limbering warm-ups, funky routines and interesting rhythms. Hip hop classes are ideal for students who just love to dance and get down! We do real hip-hop at Penny Lane!

Tap is an amazing dance style to help children develop rhythms and coordination. Children will learn basic tap steps and dance combinations in class. This is a style of dance you don’t wanna miss out on.
A boys only hip-hop class, incorporating stretching, strengthening and cool routines. Building strength & confidence in boys who love to dance.
5 & Up JAZZ 45-75MINS.
The jazz program is perfect for those students who have the strength, passion and ability to take their dance training to the next level. We focus on building technique and style in modern jazz, through a progressive syllabus. Includes warm up, across the floor combos covering leaps and turns, and jazz routines in the style of Broadway, Lyrical, and Funk. Our teen classes are cutting edge & challenging.
MUSICAL THEATRE (Three different age brackets)
Singing, acting & dancing featuring a famous classic musical every term. All of our children are highlighted equally in our productions with special attention dedicated to help each child grow through this wonderful theatre experience. Each class culminates in a wonderful performance in a theatre, at the end of the term.

A great time to be had by all as your child learns about teamwork through song & dance.  Your “pop idol” in training will explore choreography, singing harmonies, and will even create costumes as if they were in a real pop group.

Latin Ballroom (ages 5 and up)


Triple Threat 1hr ( ages 5 and up)

A great time to be had by all as your child learns about teamwork through song & dance. Your “triple threat” in training will explore choreography, singing harmonies, and performance ability.


Classes Offered by Age

Toddler (Ages 16-24 Months)
  • Mummy & Me Ballet
  • Mummy & Me Music and Dance
Pre School Programs (Starting at Age 2)
  • Baby Hip-Hop
  • Ballet & Tap Combo
  • Princess Class
  • Baby Theatre
  • Boy's Club
  • Musical Theatre
  • Latin Ballroom
Elementary Classes (6-13 Years)
  • Ballet & Tap Combo
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theatre
  • High School Musical Class
  • Pop Idol
  • Tap
  • Latin Ballroom
High School (14-16 Years)
  • Classical Ballet
  • Pointe Class
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Musical Theatre
  • High School Musical Class
  • Pop Idol
  • Tap
An Example of a Ballet & Tap Class

Andi Teaching

We open each class with "Circle time" Our focus is on fun stretching and strengthening exercises set to favorite pre school nursery songs and creative dance games. From waking -up our toes with magic spells to taking a ride on the back of a lady bug through Egypt.

Children will learn basic ballet steps following the teacher through a series of traditional exercises, and with use the French terminology, begin to expand their young minds in a fun achievable way.

In each class we encourage your child to "dance through a story" and use their imagination. One week the children may find themselves on an adventure with The Nutcracker in Paris and the next on an African Safari discovering the jungle.

"Rhythm through tap" We introduce the basics of tap dancing, focusing on rhythm, games and routines.

Our curriculum grows to accommodate new learning experiences, as the children get older. Each age bracket will study age appropriate material that is safe and fun to learn!

At Penny Lane, our classes will introduce your child to a range of music from around the world, interesting and educational props and most importantly caring teachers, who make learning dance and music, a fun experience.


At Penny Lane we believe that our students benefit from a dress code. Students are able to focus better and they begin to appreciate the art form.

Ballet & Tap Combination Classes ages 2-6 years.
Pink leotard and skirt, pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes. Hair pulled off the face in a ponytail.  
Classical Ballet ages 6-16 years.
Black spaghetti strapped leotard, pink ballet tights, pink split soled ballet shoes. Hair in a bun.  
Jazz,Tap or Ballet Combination Class ages 6 & up.
Black leotard, black jazz pants or shorts. Black jazz shoes, black tap shoes, pink split soled ballet shoes.  
Jazz, Modern & Contemporary
Black leotard, black jazz pants or shorts. Black jazz shoes or foot thong for lyrical jazz. Hair in a ponytail.
Musical Theatre
Black leotard or Penny Lane shirt with black jazz pants or shorts. Black jazz shoes. Hair in a ponytail.  
Hip Hop, Pop Idol & Tap
T shirt, tank or leotard with baggy sweats or jeans and sneakers. Hair off the face please. Hats may be worn. We like our hip hop students to be creative with their look!  
Princess Class
A fabulous Princess dress or tutu may be worn with ballet shoes.